TunaHouse 鮪軒超低溫鮪魚 -- Explains the ultralow temperature tuna's spot
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tunaking 鮪軒

Big abdomen
Otoro means the front abdoment of the fish,containing rich D.N.A,it is fresh and melting when eating and has strong unique fragrance.The fragrance dose not disperse for a long time.It is the treasure of glutton.The price is very high because the quantity is little.

Chiu-Toro main the middle and rear abdomen of the fish.It also contains rich D.N.A is also high.Although the flavor is inferior to the big abdomen (OTORO),the bilge is still on the rank.

Akami means the bake of the fish body or the fish body not including fat.The bright red meat including E.P.A,which candecompose harmful cholesterol in our body.The rich ferruginous quantity is four time of pork,two time of beef and seven times of spinach, Because the fat is little and chewing is good,it is the best choice for those who want to keep the slender figure and to reduce weight.